Dundee Driving Lesson Prices

Depending on who you go to, Dundee Driving Lesson Prices vary from the low £20’s to £30.

The larger Driving Schools who have a few instructors tend to be the more expensive. Having said that I have noticed that a few of the small independents with either one or two instructors are on the pricey side.

My driving lesson prices are I believe very reasonable. Currently I charge £25 for a single hour. If you buy a block of 5 hours it is £120 and a block of 10 hours is £230.

There are other factors to consider if you are thinking about doing driving lessons in Dundee. Driving Lesson Prices are just one of those considerations.

Some Dundee Driving Schools charge for 50 minute lessons whereas others such as myself do a whole hour.

How experienced is your Dundee Driving Instructor? Although age of the Dundee Driving Instructor is not necessarily a factor, the length of time that he or she has been teaching could well be.

Some Instructors, like myself, have been providing tuition for many years, in my case over twenty years. As in any business, generally the longer one does something, the better they become.

When this is applied to driving instruction it is likely therefor that a very experienced instructor may be a better instructor although this is not necessarily the case.

Some Driving Instructors are really good at imparting knowledge. This can lead to the learner getting to test readiness in a shorter time.

This can have a massive impact on the overall cost of learning to drive.

So when you are choosing an instructor consider carefully.