about me

This website/blog is the property of C J Giel (Hedko).

I believe in transparency so the information on this page is factual and verifiable by doing searches on the internet.

a lifetime of experience

For the past forty plus years I have been known as John Giel so a search for C J Giel is unlikely to yield much information. Having said that, a lot depends on when you read the information on this page. It is more likely that a search for John Giel will bring fruit, but there are many John Giel’s in the world. At the time of writing, I am the one, living in Scotland with my wife Dawn.

My day job at the time of writing this article, is that of a Driving Instructor.

Even though I was quite good at forecasting the outcome of horse races I soon realised that I really needed a stable and dependable income and after considering a number of options I decided that I would seek to qualify as a Driving Standards Agency Approved Driving Instructor. I did this in 1999 and I have been a Driving Instructor since then.

most recently as a driving instructor

Prior to becoming a driving instructor I had a varied career which culminated in owning and running a chain of businesses in the Entertainment and Leasure Industry. I was quite heavily involved in Off Licences and Video Clubs and in the early 1990’s I foresaw substantial changes particularly for the future of video clubs.

I realised that I needed to get out of that business and effectively sold up. It was about this time that I developed my long held interest in Horse Racing and became a Horse Racing Tipster setting up a tipping line and a website.

At the time that I qualified as a Driving Instructor I was living in Portsmouth with my wife Dawn. However we both have family in Scotland and about 2004 we decided to move to Dundee and bought a house on the outskirts of Dundee in the village of Auchterhouse.

Becoming a Driving Instructor was life changing for me. I found that I really enjoyed it.

My love of driving dates back to my very early teens when my older brother Brian used to take me out to Kinshaldy Beach where he taught me first to ride a motorbike. If I recall correctly the first motorbike I rode was a Triumph Tiger T110 which was 650cc, very powerful and very heavy. Remember, I am only about 13 years of age at this time.

Learning to ride a motorbike at such an early age was brilliant and learning to ride on forestry roads at Kinshaldy meant that the times I fell off there was no serious injury due to the road surface being mainly fairly soft unlike tarmac roads.

Kinshaldy Beach

Growing up in Scotland in the 50’s and 60’s was wonderful.

My friends and I could go off in the morning, tell our mums that we would be back for tea, and nobody worried about our safety.

One of my best friends was Jimmy Muirhead and his father used to take me and Jimmy and my best friend Graham Stewart to Kinshaldy beach where we would spend hours looking along the beach for unexploded shells, left over from the second world war.

We never found any. Probably just as well!!!

A short while later Brian taught me to drive his car which at the time was an old Ford Anglia. Unfortunately I cannot find a royalty free image of an old Ford Anglia.

Imagine how frustrating it was to be able to ride motorbikes and drive cars at the age of 13 but not be able to go on the roads. I had to wait until I was 16 when I was legally allowed to ride motorbikes and the first bike I rode on the roads was a BSA Bantam.

Because I love driving so much, my clients benefit from the many years of experience I bring to the job and over the hours of tuition I try to pass on as much knowledge as I can.